Topázio pieces can and should be used day by day. In order for its silver and silverplated pieces to retain their beauty and characteristic shine,their maintenance only requires a little bit of care and attention. With this in mind, Topázio has at its disposal a range of cleaning and care products that will make your task quick and easy.


In all parts of silver and silverplated:

  • Always use cotton, a soft cloth or sponge to clean their parts;
  • Never use abrasive cleaners;
  • Always use products suitable for silverware cleaning.

Nos talheres e peças de servir:

  • Rinse your pieces with water right after using them, never leaving waste to dry.There are several foods which corrode silver (e.g. vinegar, lemon, salt, etc.) if left too long in contact with the metal;
  •  In the case of cutlery, you can wash them in the machine at medium temperature.
  • After rinsing, dry thoroughly with a soft cloth;
  • If necessary, polish it with a glove or cloth for silverware


There are people who never age, values that never go out of fashion and objects that never seem to worn out.

Silver’s shine is eternal. Trust in the work of long established company Topázio and restore your silver pieces.

Visit our stores and find out about our cleaning products or bring your own pieces to be cared by our experts.