14 DECADES, 14 AUTHORS Toni Grilo,

Exhibition Curator 140 ANOS TOPÁZIO and TOPÁZIO’s Creative Director

“140 years is an age that goes beyond my understanding. In order to truly understand it, I I would have to live live exactly four times my own life. I wonder how many pieces Topázio has produced over this period of time. We don’t know but I do know the work that involves creating a single piece: many hours are spent hammering, cutting, welding, grinding, carving, polishing and sweating… I respect that lot. Topázio is not only silver or a material assets. The value is based on the experience, technical expertise and human resources created over many years. There are many stories, many lives, many people constantly reinventing the future.
Creativity is the key to longevity. It is not about the past or its lenght because we spent 140 years looking at the future. It doesn’t make sense to celebrate simply the anniversary telling the brand’s story; we celebrate creativity and write a new chapter.”

Topázio invited 14 Portuguese or residing in Portugal internationally renowned creative (artists) to develop a special piece in honor to the tradition of the brand but with a contemporary vision. We asked the authors to reinterpret one of the most iconic piece of Topázio: the D. João V vase.

We proudly present the vision of our creatives in very different areas because for us, creativity has no boundaries: we thank the designers, architects, decorators, fashion designers and artists for the contribution to
such a special, genuine and rich exhibition. In addition, I present our special acknowledgment to the craftsmen with “silver hands”, because without them the ideas would not be possible.
Join us in this festive exhibition of national creative talent and the incomparable “savoir- faire” of our craftsmen and innovation hand-in-hand with tradition. We have turned another page in Topázio’s history.