Ferreira Marques & Irmão is a Portuguese company with 140 years of history in the art of creating and producing silver pieces. Some existing pieces were designed at the beginning of last century and remain in perfect balance with the items currently developed, offering a wide range of styles and finishes, answering to all tastes and trends. The factory, located in Gondomar, has a total area of 8000m2 and capacity to produce about 30 thousand pieces per year, covering all phases of development and production of the product in the same location. Topázio is a premium brand of silver and silverplated objects, where the products superior quality combines with the design. With an offer of more than 70 thousand references distributed by various product segments , Art de la Table, Deco Artlight, Collector, Corporate, Kids and Celebration. The handmade process allows the production of personalized and tailor-made items designed with absolute freedom. All pieces are marked with Topázio’s hallmark as a trust seal, which guarantees the consumer the quality of the objects and of its materials. Topázio’s assets reflect all that was built over these 140 years without compromising its roots. Looking to the future, the century-old brand incorporates today’s trends with traditional forms and techniques, creating unique pieces in all product ranges. Topázio is present in over 20 countries including England, France, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, UAE, USA, Morocco, among others. It is also a regular presence in the Portuguese state protocol and embassies, through pieces used for gifts and decoration.


To meet the specific needs of its customers by offering high quality decorative products in noble materials, designed and manufactured by craftsmen.


That Topázio becomes a world reference among silver manufacturers, synonymous with quality and prestige, thus increasing its value for all stakeholders of the company.


Topázio believes in defending and maintaining their independence and autonomy in all aspects, including finantially, and reinvest their profits back in the company.

The customers’ opinion matters to us above all, therefore their satisfaction is the basis of the success of our company, only achieved with the valuable help and contribution of our employees and suppliers.

We fulfill all our commitments, and see the quality of the products as the main factor for continuing to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

We use Process Managment as a strategy, along with continuous improvement, which will allow the company to perform even better than already does. This is done at the lowest cost and respecting all the legal requirements.

We are aware of our social responsabilities so we work in close connection with our employees, the local community and society in general. Furthermore, we ensure that the company respect s the environment and its preservation.